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RADx Tech Webinar Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarah Farmer
Thanks, Eric 🙂
Tracy McMahon
POCTRN Website: https://www.poctrn.org/-/webinar-radx-tech-accessible-tests-program
Kim Noble
We’ll be discussing our Best Practices document shortly. You can see and download it here: https://www.access-board.gov/tad/radx/
Sunshine Moore
Question for after presentations -- Did you include considerations for non-English speakers (language accessibility) and/or younger users (e.g., students self-swabbing)?Did you have any findings related to accessibility of sputum vs. nasal swab for various groups (e.g, sputum can be difficult for some populations to produce enough to get a full sample), or was that beyond scope?
if there is new technology out for a component of the test, where can that be incorporated/submitted at this time to be considered?
Penny Carleton
Please put questions in chat and questions and answers will be available with recording … plus Brian has kindly offered to stay on the call for a few more minutes … also this is only part 1 for accessibility … another session will be scheduled shortly
Jue Chen
Thank you for the great presentation. The best practices document is a wonderful resource. I am wondering if that document is applicable to other OTC IVD as well, or at least some recommendations for COVID tests may be applicable for other tests. I am curious about what are those best practices from that document that are unique to COVID tests?
Jue Chen
I agree. Thank you. Maybe there are sample type specific tasks.