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RADx Tech Webinar Series - Shared screen with speaker view
S. Foster Easley DO
Are the slides available to request or web site?
Tracy McMahon
The slides, and webinar recording, will be available on the POCTRN website at the link below about 1 week after this presentation: https://www.poctrn.org/-/monkeypox-webinar
S. Foster Easley DO
Thank you
S. Foster Easley DO
would like to know about any side affects of vaccine, and how much protection does first vaccination offer, any statistics about patients not receiving second vaccine? Also how much immunity does small pox vaccine offer those older patients who received it.
Dr. Vita M
Question: Do you think it can be possible for patients to do self-collection of lesions at home? Since ideally the patients can easily spread the infection
Josh Tolkoff
Is the surveillance system for international disease risk that had been in place prior to Covid (and defunded in the previous administration in the US) being reset up?
Dev Mittar
Thanks so much for the nice overview about diagnostics! I was wondering what are your thoughts on the detection/screening of Monkeypox based on the image analysis of skin lesions via some sort of digital smartphone app?
Glenn Neuman
Has there been any progress, and is there value in, prodrome testing?
Nira Pollock
Yuka, any comments on what Ag targets are being explored for the RDTs currently under development? Or on Ag kinetics, re: feasibility? sorry if you mentioned this and I missed it.
Tyler Chozinski
Regarding home testing, what would you imagine the course of action would be following a positive test result? Does that mirror any aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic?
Albine Martin
Are there any studies/data on progression/active infection on MPx for patients on PrEP? Different MOA but curious about immune response
Nira Pollock
thanks, Yuka!